-- Printing the Web, One Page at a Time

Project Completion
An archivist working in our Bangladesh office went online in December 1991 with the goal of printing out every page on the World Wide Web (WWW). We started because we believe that the WWW is a great repository of information, however it is by its very nature a volatile repository. Disk drives crash, web authors change their pages, and information is lost. Such loss is tragic, and we at wanted to do something about it.

Armed with a trusty battery of four 24-pin dot matrix printers, we quickly achieved our goal of 100% coverage in under three weeks. Since then, however, our coverage has shrunk, not because our archives haven't grown in size, but because the web has grown so huge. And the recent fad in generating web pages dynamically has only made our task that much more difficult. But we are up to the challenge. We have grown from our initial 50 sq. ft. facility to seven 50,000 sq. ft. facilities. Our latest, in Vishakhpatnam, India, will open in March. When all facilities have once again reached 90% capacity, we will build an ninth. is the commercial face of the non-profit MeekMok Foundation for Information Storage. While is a profitable venture, the task of the MeekMok Foundation is enormous and so we are proud to collect donations on behalf of the MeekMok foundation, which is always in need of new printers, banker's boxes, and especially toner. If you support the goals of the MeekMok Foundation, please consider a donation today!